Wedding at Albertson Chapel and Olympic Collection | Sarah + Jake

I recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara in June 2018 and moved back to Los Angeles. As I was situating myself at my full-time job and reconnecting with old friends, I contacted Sarah who attended Immaculate Heart High School with me.
When we were talking about our lives from me pursuing wedding photography full-time and her getting engaged in December, we realized we had a wonderful opportunity to work together!
Getting Ready Photos at Albertson Wedding Chapel
My assistant, second photographer, and I arrived an hour early to find parking and photograph the ceremony details. We waited patiently for the bride and groom to arrive to take getting ready photos before the ceremony.
off-camera flash wedding dress at Olympic Collection
My second photographer helped me set-up photographing Sarah’s beautiful wedding dress with off-camera flash.
Macro photo of bride and groom's gold wedding rings laid on top of the bride's beautiful dress.
Macro photo of Sarah and Jake’s gold wedding rings laid on top of the bride’s beautiful dress.


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